The Kelly Slater Wave Company has taken a formal scientific approach to developing its innovations in wave generation and control technology. By bringing together the best and brightest minds in hydromechanics, mechanical systems and industrial engineering, while forging strong collaborations with world-renowned universities, top engineering firms and National Academy of Engineering Fellows, KSWC has become an industry leader in wave science and generation systems. With a strong focus on fluid dynamics, KSWC maintains its leading role through expertise in: physical laboratory modeling; scaling theory; fieldwork and computational fluid dynamics.


Continuous drive systems avoid start-stop operation, which can lead to considerable system wear, reliability and maintenance issues. Peak energy requirements are also limited, as there is no need to accelerate and decelerate hydrofoils quickly. Careful design has allowed for all drive system components to be placed out of the water, avoiding corrosion and decreased reliability associated with submerged mechanics.


Proprietary hydrofoil generators create specific types of swells that form directly next to the generators. This allows for the direct creation of customized swells with high energy transfer rates. KSWC does not pump air or water to generate waves, as these processes are inefficient and unreliable. Hydrofoil systems have been proven to provide the most robust and efficient wave generation possible. KSWC’s unique hydrofoil systems are capable of generating perfect waves of variable form and height.


KSWC systems provide superior performance and quality through the implementation of industrially engineered technology. This allows for maximized design life and offers a high level of reliability to developers, with little maintenance and downtime. To ensure the highest engineering standards, KSWC has partnerships with the leading engineering and mechanical design firms in the industry.


Advanced Patent Pending technologies control currents, waves and chop within the closed circular basin. These include: wave; seiche and chop cancelation; passive flow redirection; and other current mitigation systems. The bathymetry of the basin is designed to provide optimal wave shape and guest safety. These passive systems have no particular maintenance requirements and allow the continuous generation of multiple high-quality waves.