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We're stoked for your upcoming trip. This pre-arrival guide provides a host of information you'll be interested to know before your arrival.

The Wave And Surfing

Surf Ranch is powered by Kelly Slater Wave Systems, featuring a 6+ foot barreling wave of consequence that travels across a 2300-foot basin yielding rides up to a minute long. These are World Surf League Certified competitive waves, the same wave that challenges the best women and men surfers in the world during Championship Tour competition. We understand this wave is not for everyone, so the system also provides intermediate waves and white-water surfing in our North end zone. There is something for everyone and each wave is made to order.

Up to six surfers are allowed in the basin per session to surf the main wave. Heat schedules and surfing formats are arranged by the Surf Team Manager and based on the surfer assessment completed in the registration process. Each wave will be designated to a priority surfer who takes off at the peak. Note that non-priority surfers are spread out along the basin in order to seize any opportunity should their fellow surfer wipe out during his or her ride. Just make sure not to burn your amigo if they’re slotted deep in the barrel and out of sight! Your Surf Team Manager will also inform and advise your group leader on “Wave Splitting” where two surfers split a wave in half.

Surf Ranch includes highly skilled Surf Coaches and Guides that provide personal in-water assistance to help you get the most out of your visit. Coaches are available to review waves you’ve surfed and suggest ways to improve using our video review system. Surfers can access their waves to view, analyze, and continue learning from their sessions well after they depart.

Check out our Wave Tip Videos for more information.

The Wave Line-Up
Wave profiles accessible during heats will be based on the surfers' skill level in each heat. Surf Coaches and Water Safety will be on hand to assist surfers with finding the best wave profile for their level type and progression.
North End Zone Rollers

The North End has a perfect small peeling wave for those just starting out! It’s a secret oasis within the basin. As the CT2, CT3, CT4, or intermediate main wave fizzle out at the north end of the basin, an incredibly fun 10-15 second wave forms. It’s also an epic place to watch loved ones gets spit out the end barrel. Many beginners will find their way from the North End to the intermediate wave pretty quickly.

Waikiki / Intermediate

This is a smaller and slower main wave often used by beginners, intermediates or for group surfing (super fun!). The wave height is about thigh high and peels through the whole length of the basin with varying sections. Mastering this wave is the first step in preparing for more advanced waves.


Our newest wave profile is a transition profile between the Intermediate wave and CT3.  Similar to the CT3, this profile offers a slopey, open and rippable face for the majority of the ride. This profile will get slightly steeper in the middle section, so keep that in mind. The end barrel section has been mitigated to create a more user friendly end section for surfers while they progress. Again, a perfect stepping stone to feel the height and speed of a CT, while eliminating the more advanced sections of the wave.


The CT3 is a hollow, more forgiving version of the CT2. Ideal for those who can do turns and basic maneuvers, have complete board and speed control, but have maybe never been barreled. This wave is incredibly rippable and fun but does not have the middle barrel section the CT2. It does however have an end barrel, which is actually a little bigger than the CT2, but you’ll have to slow down for it. One surfer on the wave at a time. Note you will find small differences between individuals’ waves and lefts/rights throughout the day. So, expect some variation in wave form.


The CT2 is what Surf Ranch is known for. It is the fastest and most challenging of our waves, but can be the most rewarding. From take-off you can do 1-2 turns, 3 if you’re Kelly, then set up for the barrel. There is a 12-15 second barrel section that goes through the entire middle reef of the basin. As the barrel backs off, it allows 2-3 turns before the end barrel-and you better be ready or it will leave you in the dust. It is a very fast 3-5 second barrel. One surfer on the wave at a time.


Guests are welcome to bring their own equipment, but we do have gear available for guest use. We have a full selection of Rip Curl wetsuits and Firewire Board Quiver available.

For those first time surfers looking to progress from an intermediate or a CT4 a helmet is required when riding a hard board; recommended on a soft top. Helmets are available at the basin entrance.

To find out more about our Quiver and best boards for the wave, check out a clip from our team at Firewire! Watch Now – Planning your Surf Ranch Quiver

Weather and Water Temps
Air Temp (High/Low)
Water Temp (High/Low)
54 / 37
55 / 45
61 / 40
60 / 50
70 / 45
70 / 60
77 / 50
75 / 65
86 / 53
80 / 70
94 / 59
80 / 75
99 / 63
85 / 75
97 / 62
85 / 75
92 / 58
80 / 70
81 / 50
75 / 65
67 / 41
65 / 60
60 / 40
60 / 55
Inclement weather or other circumstances may cause Surf Ranch to delay, suspend, postpone, or resume running waves due to safety concerns.
Water Temperature And Wetsuit Guide:
Water Temp Range (F)
Wetsuit Thickness
Recommended Wetsuit Type
0.5 mm - 2/1 mm
2 mm - 3/2 mm
Springsuit / Full Suit
3/2 mm - 4/3 mm
Full Suit + Boots
4/3 mm - 5/4/3 mm
Full Suit + Boots + Gloves + Hood
5/4 mm - 5/4/3 mm
Full Suit + Boots + Gloves + Hood
42 and below
6/5 mm+
Full Suit + Boots + Gloves + Hood
In addition to water temperature, consider the following: Air temperature, wind speed, your sensitivity to getting cold, and activity level/rigor.
Travel and Amenities

Location & Transportation

We are located at:
18556 Jackson Ave, Lemoore, CA 93245

Uber and Lyft are limited in the area. We recommend personal vehicles, rental cars, or contacting to coordinate private transportation.



Onsite accommodations can be booked in advance of your visit by checking with your Guest Experience Coordinator. We have 6 Airstreams and 3 Lakeside Cabins. All lodging includes linen, towels, restrooms, showers, AC/heating, and select snacks and beverages and more!

Offsite Accommodations

Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino is located about 5 minutes away. Discount code is RANCH and reservations must be made by contacting the front desk at (559) 924-7751. Guests ages 21+ only

Best Western Inn & Suites is located about 10 minutes away. Discount code is SURF23 and reservations must be made by contacting the front desk at (559) 924-3200.

Home 2 Suites Hanford is located about 12 minutes away. Discount code is L-SUR and reservations must be made by contacting the front desk at (559) 587-9957.

Surf Ranch Services And Amenities

Our culinary team will prepare and serve a seasonal chef curated farm to fork menu including elements from our own Surf Ranch Garden and produce from our local community. Lunch and dinners are carefully crafted based on your specific group details and breakfast and snacks are made to order. Local, small batch roasted coffee and espresso available throughout the day along with cold pressed juices, seasonal craft cocktails, domestic and imported beers, and premium wine selections.

We offer a wide range of services and amenities at Surf Ranch beyond the wave. You will most definitely find outdoor seating areas with amazing views of the wave, cedar hot tubs, Electra bicycles, Super 73 E-bikes, skateboards, and much more to enjoy.

Registration and Policies

Prior to arrival at Surf Ranch, all guests must register and complete a waiver via the customized link sent by their group organizer.

Please note the waiver is the second step in the registration process. All guests, surfing and non-surfing must complete the waiver also.

Although we love pets, we welcome only service animals.

Staff do not accept tips but appreciate your feedback and participation in post-visit surveys.

Water Safety

Water safety is a priority and Surf Ranch has skilled safety personnel located around and inside the basin on a Wave Runner. All surfers must attend a water safety briefing before entering the basin. Please make sure to view Surf Ranch Wave Tips and notify Surf Ranch of any adaptable surfing needs or pre-existing health conditions.

Film & Photography

A proprietary digital media system will capture and catalog your waves, allowing you to review and share everything from perfect tubes to epic wipe-outs and everything in between. You’ll go home with a lifetime of memories to share. You are welcome to “snap”, “tag”, “gram” your way through the day. Any photo or video footage is for personal use only.

Guests are welcome to photograph and take video from land outside the basin. Professional in-water photography, drone or videography can be coordinated through Surf Ranch. In-water or drone media may only be captured by pre-approved Surf Ranch vendors.